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Congratulations on filling your tag. Now it’s time to fill the freezer. When you bring in your animal, we’ll ask about your processing preferences, so you get the cuts you want.

2023 Wild Game Processing Prices – 3% Discount for Cash or Debit (Prices shown are for Credit Card)

Carcasses are subject to a $51.50 cleaning fee

Whole $1.44/lb. Hanging Weight

Quartered $1.55/lb. Hanging Weight

Boned-Out $2.01/lb. Hanging Weight
includes boneless steaks and roasts, burger – vacuum sealed and frozen

Minimum Processing Price $103.00

Rush Fee – $77.25


Antelope $56.65

Deer $66.95

Elk $77.25

Moose $128.75

Save Hide $25.75


Antelope $82.40

Deer $82.40

Elk $113.30

Moose $144.20

Cutting Horns $15.45

Cooler Fee

$30.90 First Day + $15.45 every day after

Cape Cooled $30.90

Head Storage $41.20

Freezer Fee

$41.20 First Day – $20.60 every day after

Cape Frozen $41.20

Head Storage $41.20

Custom Sausage

Summer Sausage

15lb minimum


Cheese Summer Sausage

15lb minimum


Snack Sticks

15lb minimum


Snack Sticks + Cheese

15lb minimum


Breakfast Sausage

10lb minimum


Southern Style Spicy Breakfast Sausage

10lb minimum


Italian Sausage Bulk

10lb minimum


Chorizo Bulk

10lb minimum


**prices are subject to change*

Fish & Game Partners

If you’re planning a hunting or fishing trip to the Walden, Colorado area, please consider working with one of our trusted referral partners for outfitting, supplies, and taxidermy.

Spur Outfitters

North Park Outfitters

Colorado Elk Outfitter

North Park Anglers

Buffalo Creek Ranch

Owl Ridge Taxidermy

North Park Meats

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